Congratulations FMIGS Class of 2023!

With every year that goes by, it is more evident how important it is that our physicians, mentors and staff, in our specialty pass on knowledge, insight, and expertise that will help the next generation of MIG surgeons succeed. Each year AAGL’s Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (FMIGS) recognizes professional excellence in MIGS and cumulates with an in-person graduation celebration at the Annual Global Congress and we hope you join us this year in music city!

Graduation Ceremony & Reception

Sunday, November 5, 2023
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Music City Center
Nashville, Tennessee

Be sure to register for this year’s Congress in Nashville, and join us on Monday evening, as we celebrate grand achievements of the this year’s graduates!  The time of this year’s graduation allows for you to have some downtime before returning to the MCC for the ceremony.  “Specialty” FMIGS cocktail will be served along with light hors d’oeuvres during the reception and one drink ticket will be provided for graduates and guests. 

Share your excitement about this year’s meeting and graduation using the official hashtags:  #AAGL23 and #FMIGS23grads.

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Wall of Well Wishes for the #FMIGS23grads!

Christina O. Ajewole, MD

“Dear Sola, you have determination, resilience, and heart! We are proud of you and wish you the best in the future.” —Georgine M. Lamvu, MD, MPH, Orlando VA Medical Center, Orlando, Florida


Madhu Bagaria, MD

“Madhu, your hard work has paid off. Enjoy your summer with your family and be confident in all the knowledge and skills you have gained over the last 2 years. Congratulations on your graduation. We are proud of you!” —Johnny Yi, MD, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona


Michelle Bennett, MD

“You’ll Never Operate Alone…. Because you can’t change geometry”—Joseph Hudgens, MD, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia


Andrés Felipe Bocanegra, MD

“Double happiness as a result of being stubborn and persistent: Completing the fellowship and having your first baby. Two immense joys, not only for you but also for all of us around. Congratulations, Andres. We are sure that this is just one more step in a brilliant and productive career. Un gran abrazo!!”—Juan Diego Villegas-Echeverri, MD, ALGIA – Clínica Comfamiliar – Clínica del Prado/ACCCP, Pereira, Medellin, Columbia


Nicole C. Brzozowski, MD

“You have all the qualities we have hoped for as our first graduate. We are so proud of what you have accomplished these two years. Your training was highlighted by winning first place in Institutional Research Presentations. We are so lucky to have you stay with us as our FMIG-trained MIS surgeon.”—Linus T. Chuang, MD, MPH, MS, Danbury Hospital, Danbury, Connecticut


Abigail Cain, MD

“We are truly pleased to see your continued development as a thoughtful clinician and skilled gynecologic surgeon. We are proud to have had you chart a path for future MIGS fellows at Dell Med to follow for years to come. Congratulations!”—Marian Yvette Williams-Brown, MD, Dell Medical School-The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas


Angelina Carey-Love, MD

“Congratulations ACL! You are a gifted surgical educator, and all your future learners are lucky to have you as their teacher, mentor, and coach. You have the determination and skill to accomplish anything you desire! Best of luck in Florida!”—Cara R. King, DO, MS, Cleveland Clinic Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio


“Your dedication and hard work have paid off, and I’m thrilled to see you succeed in this achievement. Well done!”—Megan Billow, MD, Cleveland Clinic Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio


Sonia Carlson, MD

“Congrats Sonia on your graduation! Good luck with all your future endeavors.”—Eric A. Hurtado, MD, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, Florida


Erica J. Change-Patel, MD

“You have exceeded our expectations throughout the fellowship. Your surgical skills are exemplary, and you are ready for any challenge coming your way. I will miss our silent operating!!!”—Claire H. Gould, MD, Legacy Health Medical Group, Portland, Oregon


Brigitte Corran, MD

“Your smile, positivity and kindness made each day a wonderful experience in the OR and clinics! And of course, none of this would have been possible without the Dogs!”—Sukhbir Sony Singh, MD, Ottawa Hospital-Riverside Campus, Ottawa, Canada


Sara Correa Restrepo, MD

“Sara, you have so much potential and I am so proud. I know you’ll go far in all your future endeavors. Follow your heart. Hats off to you for achieving this milestone! Your dedication sure as heck paid off. With love and patience, nothing is impossible. Thanks.”—Martha Carolina Cifuentes Pardo, MD, ALGIA – Clínica Comfamiliar – Clínica del Prado/ACCCP, Pereira, Medellin, Columbia


Janet Cruz, MD

“Janet is the kindest, most pleasant person I’ve worked with in my entire life. She’s hard-working, created a family at work, and loved by everyone. We were so lucky to have her as our first solo, and as our first higher out of fellowship. I’ve witnessed her grow from outstanding to extraordinary and in her two years of training and witnessed her blossoming at many levels, clinically, surgically, and at her work environment.”—Samar Nahas, MD, University of California-Riverside, Riverside, California


Nimra Ahk Dad, MD

“Nimra – Congratulations on finishing your fellowship with flying colors. We are very proud of your achievements and cannot wait to hear about your future accomplishments in Qatar!”—Pedram Bral, MD, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York


Diana Encalada Soto, MD, MHA

“You are an incredible physician and individual, making patients and team members look forward to your care and working with you.”—Isabel C. Green MD, MEHP, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Rochester, Minnesota


Olga Fajardo, MD

“We know you are going to have a huge impact on our field and we can’t wait to see what you will do. We are so proud you’re a part of the VUMC family!”—Lara F. B. Harvey, MD, MPH, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee


Alexandra M. Foxx, MD

“Ali- We are so incredibly proud of you and all that you have accomplished over the last two years. We will miss you, Ryan, and Aiden!”—Courtney S. Lim, MD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Hannah M. Mcguyre Ware French, MD

“We are so proud of you Hannah! You have grown and accomplished so much during fellowship; we know you have so much to offer our field!”—Stephanie Morris, MD, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Newton, Massachusetts


Anja S. Frost, MD

“You have exceeded all expectations; you are an amazing surgeon, clinician, researcher, and human being. Thank you for being our fellow and for becoming our colleague and friend!”—Kristin Patzkowsky, MD, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, Baltimore, Maryland


Veronica D. Galaviz, MD

“Veronica, you have been a remarkable fellow; a true pleasure to work with from your first day till your last. You should be proud of all you’ve accomplished over the past two years. On behalf of our MIGS team at GSUH, I wish you all the best as you move on to the next phase of your career.”—Keith Thomas Downing, MD, Good Samaritan University Hospital, West Islip, New York


Colette M. Gnade, MD

“Congratulations on your accomplishment! You are an outstanding physician and surgeon. I am sure you will accomplish amazing things in your future.”—Kelly Kasper, MD, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana


Kathryn E. Goldrath, MD

“As our inaugural fellow, we could not be prouder of all you have accomplished in two years. You are a gifted clinician, surgeon, and educator, and it has been a joy to watch you grow.”—Tamara Grisales, MD, University of California-Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California


Diamond M. Goodwin, MD, MHS

“We have no doubt that you will continue to make significant contributions to the field of surgery and positively impact the lives of many!!”—Erin T. Carey, MD, MSCR, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Omar Gutierrez Vela, MD

“Congratulations! You did a great job during your training. Now, you have the tools to succeed!”—Luis F. García Rodríguez, MD, Tecnológico de Monterrey – TecSalud, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico


Hosam Hanna, MD

“Congratulations! We are proud of you for finally making it through this fellowship. You are well-trained and we cannot wait to see what you do in the future!”—Resad P. Pasic, MD, PhD, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky


María Isabel Hernández Cardona, MD

“Maria Isabel, chasing a dream requires passion and hard work. I’m proud of your achievements. It has been a privilege to watch you grow into the great laparoscopist you are today. Your graduation is a testament to your dedication and discipline. Congrats on your well-earned degree!”—Martha Carolina Cifuentes Pardo, MD, ALGIA – Clínica Comfamiliar – Clínica del Prado/ACCCP, Pereira, Medellin, Columbia


Angela J. Hollis, MD

“What an outstanding fellow and surgeon!!! It was an honor and a pleasure to train and mentor you. We are so proud of you and your bright future.”—Todd P. Boren, MD, University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Erlanger Health System, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Jaimie El Huntly, MD

“Dr. Huntly is an excellent surgeon, surgeon educator, and is humanistic. You have all the elements of what makes a great surgeon, physician, and leader in this field. We are so proud of you and wish you great success.”—Susan S. Khalil, MD, Mount Sinai Hospital at the Icahn School of Medicine, New York, New York


Caitlin F. Ingraham, MD

“Cait, you are a positive, principled and powerful leader. We are proud to be part of your team. As a surgeon, you are knowledgeable, attentive, and technically skilled. As an educator, you are patient and perceptive. You are a kind and generous human being, an activist, and an ally and still one of the most positive people I know. Congratulations on all your success – and cheers to many more!”—Gretchen E. H. Makai, MD, Christiana Health Care System, Newark, Delaware


Jessica S. Kim, MD

“We are inspired by your grace, dedication, and persistence- you will change women’s health for the better- we have learned so much from you!”—Ambareen Jan, MD, Beth Israel Lahey Health, Burlington, Massachusetts


Sun Woo Kim, MD

“Sun Woo, you are amazing! A wonderful person and a stellar fellow. Your self-motivation and desire to get better is motivational. I know we will hear great things about you in the future.”—Mark D. Levie, MD, Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein COM, Bronx, New York


Eung-Mi Lee, MD, MBA

“Be the Doctor, Lee”—Ted T.M. Lee, MD, Magee-Women’s Hospital, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Emily Lin, MD

“Congratulations, Emily. It’s been a total joy to teach you, work with you, get to learn from you and now, we will get to call you our partner and colleague! Your work ethic, passion for learning, and deep care of your patients are inspiring to all of us. Emily, you CRUSHED IT!”—Kimberly A. Kho, MD, MPH, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas


Trina Mansour, MD

“Trina, I will miss your enthusiasm to soak up all the knowledge we have to give. You’ll always be our forever fellow. We are so proud of all you have accomplished and look forward to seeing your career take off as a MIGS surgeon.”—Johnny Yi, MD, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona


Marina Marani, MD

“Thank you for the dedication to the patients and to the program during those three years. We wish you good opportunities and lots of surgeries for the next years!”—Mauricio S. Abrao, MD, PhD, Hospital BP – A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo, Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil


Ali E. McGregor, MD

“Congratulations Ali! Best wishes in your new beginning.”—Eric A. Hurtado, MD, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, Florida


Mary McKenna, MD

“Molly, you are one of a kind. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and skill are a winning combination. We cannot wait to see “Molly 2.0”, and oh the places you will go.”—Charles E. Miller, MD, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Naperville, Illinois


Alena D. Naumova, MD

“Alena, you have worked very hard, performing over 800 surgeries in just 2 years!!! You are more than ready to fly solo in any MIGS case “out there”!! Congratulations and good luck!”—Vincent R. Lucente, MD, MBA, St. Luke’s University Hospital and Health Network, Allentown, Pennsylvania


Taylor J. Norton, MD

“Taylor, Congratulations on the completion of your fellowship and thank you for taking my advice 4 years ago :). Continue to follow your heart and great things will happen!”—Jamal Mourad, DO, Banner University Medical Center, University of Arizona COM, Phoenix, Arizona


Hannah S. Palin, MD

“We had an incredible journey with you, Dr. Palin! You have an amazingly bright future ahead of you and we can’t wait to watch you succeed!”—Anita H. Chen, MD, Mayo Clinic Florida, Jacksonville, Florida


Gabriella N. Pinho, MD

“Congratulations Gabby on completing fellowship! We are so proud of you and are excited to see where your career takes you. You are a wonderful, compassionate doctor and skilled surgeon.”—William Burke, MD, Stony Brook Medicine, Stony Brook, New York


Sangeeta Ramani, MD

“Dear Dr. Sangeeta Ramani, I extend my heartfelt wishes as you embark on your remarkable journey ahead. With your exceptional clinical expertise, unwavering dedication, and compassionate care, you have already made a profound impact on the lives of many. May you continue to shine brightly in the field of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, inspiring others with your remarkable skill set, kindness, and commitment to excellence. Embrace each new challenge as an opportunity for growth, and trust in your abilities to make a difference. May your path be filled with joy, fulfillment, and continued success as you leave a legacy in the medical community.”—Vaagn Andikyan, MD, Stamford Hospital, Stamford, Connecticut


Eva M. Reina, MD

“You are a skilled surgeon, compassionate physician, and incredibly gifted educator. The sky is your limit, and we are confident you will rise to the challenges of your next adventure.”—Sangeeta Senapati, MD, MS, Northshore University Health System, University of Chicago, Evanston, Chicago


Neha Sarna, MD

“Congratulations! We are proud of all your achievements and are honored to call you a colleague and a friend. We wish you all the best in your next chapter!”—Grace Y. Liu, MD, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


Sierra Seaman, MD

“A huge congratulations to you Sierra from all GSS! You are an incredible surgeon, educator, colleague, and friend. We are so proud and happy to call you, our partner!”—Jin Hee Jeannie Kim, MD, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, New York


Renae K. Shibata, MD

“Dr. Shibata, we will miss your dedication to your patients, your professionalism, and your commitment to teaching. Your future colleagues and patients will be fortunate to have you.”—Uchenna Acholonu, Jr., MD, MBA, North Shore University Hospital, Northwell Health, Manhasset, New York


Sowmya Sunkara, MD

“Congratulations on all that you have accomplished over the past six years. We are so incredibly proud to call you a colleague.”—Xiaoming Guan, MD, PhD, J. Biba Nijjar, MD, MPH, MSEd, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas


Brooke A. Thipen, MD

“Congratulations on all that you have accomplished over the past six years. We are so incredibly proud to call you a colleague.”—Xiaoming Guan, MD, PhD, J. Biba Nijjar, MD, MPH, MSEd, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas


Rebecca E. Thompson, MD

“Becca, we are so proud of all your achievements! MedStar family.”—Vadim V. Morozov, MD, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, Washington District of Columbia, USA


Thi Tran, MD

“Thi, Congratulations and thank you for joining our family.”—Jamal Mourad, DO, Banner University Medical Center, University of Arizona COM, Phoenix, Arizona


Princess Urbina, MD, MS

“Congratulations Princess! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! Your smile, laughter and energy will be missed dearly! May this new stage in your career bring you tremendous success and fulfillment!”—Magdy P. Milad, MD, MS, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois


Chelsie Warshafsky, MD

“Chelsie, your success is best described as a whole lot of Passion guided by Determination and sprinkled with fun! Congratulations, Warshafsky!”—Sukhbir Sony Singh, MD, Ottawa Hospital-Riverside Campus, Ottawa, Canada


Annemieke Wilcox, MD

“Dr. Wilcox, Thank you very much for your excellent patient care, Your dedication to your work, and wonderful contributions to our MIGS program. We are all proud of you.”—Masoud Azodi, MD, Yale New Haven Health, Bridgeport Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut