Course Syllabus

AAGL21 Course Syllabi

Detailed course syllabi are available for review and download prior to the meeting!  Get ready for a week of the best in MIGS education and training.  Thanks to all the faculty for working so hard to submit their important course documentation!  For the most up-to-date Final Program,and Abstract Supplement, please click Learn button on the top right of the page. 

Note:  To locate the bibliography (references) for a specific presenter, please click on the appropriate course below. The bibliography (references) can be found at the end of each slide deck.

603-HYSTLaparoscopic Hysterectomy from Basic to Complex
604‐FIBRFibroids & Adenomyosis ‐ Extirpative Non‐Hysterectomy
605-ENDODiagnosing and Evaluating the Extent of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis with Imaging
606-VAGVaginal Hysterectomy - Multi-Approach including v-Notes
607-REPRReproductive Surgery
608-ANATNavigating the Pelvis - The Surgical Anatomy That Will Keep You Out of Trouble
609-FIBRFibroids - Non-Extirpative Surgical Medical and Radiologic
610-ENDOSafely Pushing the Surgical Envelope in the Surgical Treatment of Endometriosis
611-ROBORobotics - Fundamentals Today – Mastery Tomorrow
613-HSCBecoming a Hysteroscopy Guru
616‐ENDOEndometriosis 360º
617-PELVPelvic Pain - A Time to Heal
618-ENDOEndometriosis Surgery - Tailoring Surgery for DIE - New Trends in Surgical Dissection and Re-definitions of Resection's Concept
619-ONCOncology for the Non-Oncologist
Debate 1Prolapse Surgery - Native Tissue Repair vs MESH
Debate 2Vaginal Surgery - vNotes vs. Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for the 1 Kilo Club– What's Your Way
Debate 3Cervical Cancer After the LACC Trial. Is There Still Room for MIS
Panel 1What is the Best Treatment for Ovarian Endometrioma
Panel 2RF Frequency Ablation of Uterine Fibroids - The New Frontier
Panel 3Should Electronic Tissue Extraction Be Performed in a Containment System
Panel 4Beyond the Visible - The Future of Endoscopy – Computer Vision Explained
Surgical Tutorial 1Adenomyosis
Surgical Tutorial 2Surgeons in Harm-Bladder-Ureters and Endometriosis in a Deadly Embrace
Surgical Tutorial 3Endometriosis of the Bowel - When Anatomy Meets Surgery
Surgical Tutorial 4Taking on the Hysteroscopies Your Colleagues Fear
Surgical Tutorial 5Tips and Tricks for Robotic Surgery
Surgical Tutorial 6The Treatment of Apical Prolapse